We offer TAPIR Thermal Imaging engines suitable for OEM use in thermal cameras. The TAPIR engines work in the 8-12 micron LWIR band and do not require an external shutter for image Non Uniformity Correction. They are rugged and compact and particularly suitable for hand-held equipment. The 384x288 and 640x480 versions have a common mechanical, optical and command interface so that they can be used interchangeably in the same platform. The TAPIR engines have built-in graphics and keyboard interfaces so they can be integrated with no additional electronics required. An additional OLED display with a high performance digital interface is available if required.

The CROSSWIR Thermal Weapon Sights are rugged high performance units incorporating the TAPIR Thermal Imaging engines and colour OLED displays. The CROSSWIR 640 is suitable for geneneral use whereas the smaller and lower cost CROSSWIR 384 is particularly suitable for pistol calibre carbines.

The SPIR 640-LR has excellent detection performance by virtue of its 75mm f/1 lens and has exceptionally low weight for its capabilities.

We recognize that customer requirements vary widely and we are always prepared to consider engineering variants of our products, we have recently completed an extensive redesign and made a prototype in just 6 weeks.